Independent Drama - Dramatic Action Specialists
Action Co-ordination

Action Co-ordination

Whether it be a theatre, TV or film production, commercials, computer games or live action shows our co-ordinators can offer expert advice and hands on experience to make your action effective and exciting.

Our co-ordinators have knowledge of dramatic theory, history, directing, teaching and acting as well as their extensive fight knowledge.

We create dramatic action that is:
  • Safe for cast and crew
  • Suitable to the ability of the participants involved
  • Achievable within the available time frame
  • Complimentary to the characters, style and genre
  • Technically appropriate for the medium it is being performed in
  • Visually exciting - using rhythm, timing and choreography
  • Able to tell a story and aid in character progression
From pre- to post-production, we provide:
  • Script analysis
  • Costing and budget breakdowns
  • Casting services for actors and fight performers
  • Weapon and gun hire
  • Cast / talent fight training
  • Action direction and fight choreography
  • Armourers and specialist crew
  • Health and safety expertise
Action can vary widely from true realism to outright fantasy depending upon the requirements of a particular production and the director's vision.

All of our co-ordinators are accredited teachers for stage and screen combat academies recognised by Equity. They have knowledge of health & safety and risk assessments and are well versed in a broad range of weapon systems and a variety of martial arts both historical and modern.

Previous work has involved choreographing and co-ordinating medieval battles, sci-fi combat, Elizabethan rapier duels, military assaults, slap stick, prison brawls, street fights, zombie carnage, bare knuckle boxing, assassinations, martial arts, muggings and domestic violence; all for screen, stage, live events and motion capture.

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Independent Drama - Dramatic Action Specialists
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