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Independent Drama provides teaching services for a wide range of institutions including professional drama schools, colleges, universities, drama clubs and local authorities.

If you are interested in incorporating stage combat into your curriculum or would like a short taster workshop, contact us. We run sessions for ages 8 and beyond and can provide industry recognised certification courses if required.

Independent Drama teachers are all certified by Equity recognised stage combat teacher training organisations. This means they have all undergone specialised training in teaching stage and screen combat. As working industry professionals and advanced fight performers themselves, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.

For larger classes where teaching assistants may be required Independent Drama also has a number of highly qualified teaching assistants. These are all advanced actor combatants providing an additional expert eye when required.

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Independent Drama - Dramatic Action Specialists
Stage Combat & Utility Stunts for Film, TV, Theatre, Motion Capture, Live Events
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