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1st June 2009

Not everything is as it seems...

ID Fight Unit member Dita Tantang took on the lead acting role as Joy in Jamie Wong's short film, currently in post-production.

There were lengthy fight sequences that had to be learnt as well as additional firearms training, which incidentally has given Dita the idea of taking up shooting (with guns as opposed to cameras) one day.

Parallel is a film which depicts the idea of having two sides to a story running simultaneously against each other.

Mary Magdalene Orphanage is a front for an unlisted Government Organisation which takes orphans and trains them to be the Top Elite Soliders. Our heroine, Joy, is a member of a three man cell known as the Black Foxes and is sent on a rescue mission to save another Black Fox comrade, Diligence, whom the organisation believe is captured in enemy territory.

As Joy enters the enemy's domain, she is taken by surprise by the turn of events which unfold, questioning the ideals of everything she has been brought up to believe in.

Using a mixtures of CGI and film, Parallel injects the notion that not everything is as it seems.

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