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1st May 2012

Voodoo Magic

Dawn of the Dead meets Attack the Block
ID Fight Co-ordinator Dan Styles leads the ID Fight Team on Voodoo Magic. A Shaman's curse causes a zombie epidemic inside a dilapidated tower block forcing some unlikely heroes (or antiheroes) to fight their way out. Dawn of the Dead meets Attack the Block, starring Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf) and Chris Brazier (Coronation Street).

Dan co-ordinated all of the action between the tower's survivors and the Zombies. ID fight team - Liza Callinicos, Ronin Traynor, Dita Tantang, Vishal Gupta, Paul Alexander Scott, Richard Clark, Richard Leggett, Luisa Guerreiro, Barry Martin and Michaela Finnan - were shot, stabbed, hammered, speared and battered with a baseball bat as part of the zombie horde. Liza Callinicos was also cast as the main Zombie who has a huge fight with the three main characters.

The film is directed by Elom Bell for E=MC².

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