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1st June 2012

Skin Tight

An ordinary couple with an extraordinary love
ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles recently finished work on Skin Tight, produced by Epsilon Productions, directed by Gemma Gross and starring Angela Bull and Johnny Schumacher. The fights are really very passionate and Dan was fortunate to be working with a very talented team as well as two very competent actors (both with advanced stage combat qualifications), Dan could develop the fight with elements of improvisation, rhythm, dance and set choreography. It even includes a 'fight' when the knife starts inside the body - a first for Dan to say the least.

"Beginning with a explosive fight between a man and a woman ending in a desperate embrace, Epsilon Productions Skin Tight is a beautiful testament to the resilient nature of love and loss."

Skin Tight is a highly physical and fiercely romantic story of enduring love, from the 1940's, to present day. Tom and Elizabeth relive their darkest secrets, deepest passions & heart breaking truths, the physical, violent and pleasurably episodic remembrances of their first words, first date, and first intimacy.

This is their final chance to say all the things they never had the chance to before.

It has already received some fantastic reviews:
"It's romantic, vigorous, erotic and chest-crushingly sad, in equal measure"
"A brilliant play well worth seeing"
"Totally believable erotic chemistry"

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Skin Tight will next play at Stockfest Theatre, Edinburgh on 19th September
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