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House of Knives House of Knives House of Knives House of Knives House of Knives House of Knives
1st June 2012
House of Knives
Will French poet Rimbaud draw first blood?
ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor worked on the short film House of Knives produced by Poet in the City's Graham Henderson with a script by award winning poet David Harsent. The film focuses on the lives of two of France's greatest poets, Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud during their short time in England.

Verlaine and Rimbaud are played by Sam Swainsbury and Jack Johns respectively and are joined by Lucy Tregear as a modern reporter stepping back in time to explore the house the poets once inhabited.

The poets lived at 8 Great College Street in London between May and July in 1873 where some of the film was shot and the film is promoting the Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation, a charity committed to creating a modern Anglo-French 'poetry house' at this address.

It was here that Varlaine and Rimbaud embraced absinthe, poetry, poverty, passion, quarrelling and knife fighting. The poets relationship was, to quote the film, "a love that depends on conflict...and betrayal." They would often fight each other with knives to see who would draw blood in some sort of strange game whilst at the same time conducting one of the most notorious love affairs in literary history. Who know poetry was this exciting at school?

You can find out more about the poets at Poet In The City
View the trailer for House of Knives on YouTube.

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