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1st December 2012

Drake trailer release

Sometimes the only way out is to let evil in.
The ID Team have now wrapped on The Drake Files and the [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95LFNCV5X38&feature=share&list=PLLWk7poNtWLV4sPy1IQlfsaGiGoMvttL_"]teaser trailer is available to view on YouTube[/url].

A gritty supernatural thriller set in present day London with a subtle dark magical flavour!

Drake was influenced by the 280 page graphic novel 'The Drake Files' by Cengiz Dervis.

Underground fighter Carter Drake (Cengiz Dervis) is begged by his brother to throw his next fight to get him out of trouble with some very dangerous people. Refusing to throw the fight Drake ends up killing his opponent and is unknowingly locked into the Faustian agreement he's bother has made on his behalf.

What follows will see Drake's mental state challenged and him taken into a mental institution. However, is this all really happening or is Drake creating this illusion of the supernatural to deal with him killing a fighter, losing his family due to anger issues and not protecting his brother as a child.

Drake believes he's being drugged and manipulated by a very dangerous demonic organisation and the clock is ticking...

ID Fight Co-ordinator Dan Styles headed up the action on the shoot both co-ordinating and playing the boxer faces in the ring. Having worked on the project over a number of weeks so that director Azi Rahman could see the action in advance paid dividends as time for shooting on the day was limited. The ID Fight Team consisted of Ronin Traynor, Stephen Manjingueiro Suman Nathan, Iain Ward, Jade Asha, Senol Dervis, Andrew Young and Enric Ortuno.

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