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1st February 2013

Marlow's Murder

CSI Dulwich College Investigates
ID Teacher and Fight Choreographer Dan Styles was asked to be part of a special day at Dulwich College focussing on the mystery of the death of Christopher Marlowe.

Dulwich College was founded in 1619 by actor Edward Alleyn a contemporary of Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe's death in 30th May 1593, supposedly an accident in a bar brawl, has been surrounded by controversy ever since. Students at the college are being visited by some experts in their fields, from lawyers to pathologists to discuss the facts and the opinions on what happened.

Dan was assisted by ID Team Member Ivan Wilkinson and joined by two professional actors to recreate the murder of Marlowe as it was written in the coroner's report. Later students had great fun in choreographing Dan and the group in their interpretation of what may have happened if the testimonies of the accused had actually not been entirely true.

ID also provided some Elizabethan rapiers and daggers for this workshop.

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