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1st March 2013

Spring Heeled Jack

Victorian urban myth brough to life.
This month, ID Fight Co-ordinator Dan Styles is doing some filming on a promo trailer for an exciting new feature about the mythical Spring Heeled Jack.

Spring Heeled Jack was a Victorian urban myth who would terrorize women at night. It was said he had a demonic appearance with red eyes and was able to leap tremendous heights.

The film will have a steam punk style (much like the Zack Snyder film 'Sucker Punch') and is being produced and directed by visual effects expert Steven Wheeler. Steven's experience and concepts have attracted some very talented cast and crew to this ambitious project. Dan is also pleased to be working again with Lucy Lavey an actress we met and trained on 'Damian' back in 2009

ID is providing a Katana (Samurai sword) for the shoot.

Check out some edited footage from the shoot at the [url="http://www.springheeledjackmovie.com/trailer/trailer"]Spring Heeled Jack website[/url].

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