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1st April 2013

Soho Double

Two plays with action co-ordinated by Dan Styles
Next month sees two productions choreographed by ID's Dan Styles playing at the Soho Theatre.

The first Tomorrow I'll Be Happy is part of the National Theatre Connections and plays for one night when it will be judged in a national competition to win a performance at the National Theatre itself. More information on this play recently performed at LOST theatre in the February 2013 article. The show will play at the Soho Theatre on 30th April, directed by Anna Jordan.

[url="http://independentdrama.com/news/122/tomorrowillbehappy"]Read the previous news article back in February on 'Tomorrow I'll Be Happy'.[/url]

The second is one of Soho Theatre's own productions, a brand new play by Thomas Eccleshare called Pastoral, directed by Steve Marmion. The play is a surreal comedy set in a dystopian world being retaken by mother nature. Other than some small moments of 'attempted' violence, Dan was required to oversee the safe use of a blank firing handgun. The use of any type of guns, in theatre and in film, should be taken very seriously, even blank firers can kill or seriously harm when used incorrectly. Producers and directors should seek advice from an experienced fight director.

Pastoral will play at the Hightide Festival from 2nd to 12th May and then at the Soho Theatre from 15th May to 8th June. See the [url="http://www.sohotheatre.com/whats-on/pastoral"]Soho Theatre[/url] website for details and tickets.

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