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23rd May 2013


Philip d'Orleans provides a valuable insight into staged violence.
ID Fight Team members Dan Styles and Yarit Dor were honoured to be part of a Masterclass by Equity Fight Director Philip D'Orleans. Run by the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, Masterclass offers free and subsidised seminars and workshops from the theatre, film, TV and radio industries most prolific professionals; actors, directors, producers, writers, designers and more give and insight into their jobs, their journeys and their experiences.

Dan and Yarit were directed by Philip and a guest director in a fight scene from 'Edmund' by David Mamet where Philip would also describe the process and the reasons for his choices or suggestions. At the end of the workshop Dan, Yarit and Philip faced a Q&A from the audience (of about 200). They were shocked by some of the stories of accidents when things go wrong. Directors and producers learned that fight directors are invaluable members of a production team (even for a slap or a fall). Performers learned the importance of continued training and being physically prepared for a role.

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