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Dave Lea Dave Lea Dave Lea Dave Lea
1st May 2013
Dave Lea
ID members train with a screen legend
Many of the ID Fight Team took part in workshops and masterclasses with LA stunt co-ordinator Dave Lea throughout this May after meeting him last year.

Dave's credits as a performer include doubling Micheal Keaton on the original two Batman films, Demolition Man and Tango and Cash with Sylvester Stallone, Double Impact with Jean-Claude Van Damme and many more. He has trained and choreographed Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller (MTV Movie Awards 2000), Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell ('Daredevil'), Will Smith ('Wild Wild West'), Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johansson ('The Island').

Dave taught many aspects of screen combat from how to sell a punch or kick to how to work and progress in the industry. Dave will be returning to the UK later this year to run more workshops. If you would like to hear about these nearer the time just sign up to the ID mailing list and we'll let you know.
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