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1st July 2013

Skin Tight doing well

Great reviews roll in!
Skin Tight (by Gary Henderson) a play choreographed by ID's Dan Styles back in 2012 has finally got it's London run and is currently playing at the brand new Park Theatre (Finsbury Park) with ***** reviews. The two hander is performed by Angela Bull and Johnny Schumacher and directed by Jemma Gross. Reviews have said:

"The intimate setting means fight scenes could appear choreographed, however this is quite the opposite, where they feel so un-staged and confrontational, the audience audibly gasping throughout"
Kate Hudspeth – Bargain Theatre review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013 (http://bargaintheatreland.com/skin-tight-park-theatre-london/ )

"They collide noisily and gasps are offered up from the shocked audience as they punch, pull hair and pummel one another in a disturbingly genuine manner.
Jess Nesling – What's Peen Seen? **** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013 (http://whatspeenseen.co.uk/reviews/skin-tight-review/ )

"Of the tussles and trips, special mention should go to Dan Styles and Clare McKenna, the fight and movement directors respectively, who have given the play a genuinely raw and uncompromising edge."
Nathan Brooker – Exeunt **** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013 (http://exeuntmagazine.com/reviews/skin-tight/ )

"The direction of the fighting – as choreographed by Dan Styles – is certainly one of the highlights of this piece. It sums up everything the characters talk about and more. The desperation and destruction of the story could not have been represented in a more effective way.

"Too often, stage fights look exactly that – staged, wooden and embarrassing. However, leaning on the verge of what could have been improvisation, Bull and Schumacher convincingly attack each other with such passion that gasps can be heard from audience members nearby. The audience are constantly on the edge of their seats"
Laura Walton – One Stop Arts **** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"The fight and choreographic scenes are impressively arranged by Dan Styles and Clare McKenna."
Aline Waites – Remotegoat ***** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"It cannot be often in a small production like this that credit needs to be given to a fight director (Dan Styles) and movement director (Clare McKenna), but, along with Jemma Gross, they contribute to making everything brutally realistic, riveting and visually startling."
Stephen Bates – The Public Reviews **** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"The choreography and fight scenes - orchestrated by Clare McKenna and Dan Styles - are breath-taking and the erotically charged knife 'dance' - for lack of a fitting title - is simply unforgettable."
Vicky Ellis – What's on Stage ***** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"This sets up in a playful context moments of more shocking violence later on. At times it's difficult to watch. There's a prolonged dalliance involving a knife that left us unable to blink and holding our breaths"
Greg Jameson – Entertainment Focus **** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"They hurl themselves at each other from opposite sides of the acting area and commence a savage and brutal fight...
At one point the pair land blows on each other which send cracks ringing round the room in a disturbingly authentic manner...
There is a later scene involving a sharp instrument which requires incredible timing and amazing trust between these two actors and which had the audience open-mouthed and sitting on the edge of their seats almost unable to breathe. Wonderful, though nerve-wracking stuff...
Dan Styles also deserves special mention for his stunningly realistic fight direction."
Peter Brown – LondonTheatre.co.uk ***** review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

"Fight director Dan Styles' expertise has obviously been important and fortunately both actors already had stage fight training but they make it pretty scary."
Howard Loxton – British Theatre Guide review of 'Skin Tight' at the Park Theatre 2013

It plays until 11th August and tickets are available here http://parktheatre.co.uk/whats-on/current. Check it out!

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