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1st August 2013

Ali Love - Another

MMA influened music video
After working with ID Fight Unit member Dita Tantang on the 'Emperor' music video from Ali Love director Craig Murray came to ID to help with his next Ali Love video Another.

This highly anticipated single has a stunning set of visuals to match the song itself. Label boss, Damien Lazarus, dubbed it as the most requested track of the summer and its techno soul tendencies are quite catchy.

ID Fight Co-ordinators Ronin Traynor and Dan Styles worked together to train, choreograph, rehearse and co-ordinate two models (Jaz Wasson and Molly Smith) in a stylised MMA bout. With glitter bursts and coloured liquid to accentuate impacts and wounds the girls punched, kicked, grappled, scissored, choked, and locked their way to a suspenseful ending. The girls even got to beat up Ali Love himself – in slow motion.

Check out [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtqzKxpmQbY&list=PLLWk7poNtWLWuzmLKnvDWEMzSvEKxvf_O"]'Another'[/url] on YouTube. You can also find [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C2R7IOfhEg&feature=share&list=PLLWk7poNtWLWuzmLKnvDWEMzSvEKxvf_O"]'Emperor'[/url] there as well.

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