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1st May 2012

Candle To Water

ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor directed the fights for feature Candle To Water. Directed by Nihat Seven it tells five different contemporary stories throughout the film. What these stories have in common is their expression of the way society, emotion and psychology prompt people to enact physical or emotional violence against others. This common theme is represented by a physical object, a white feather, which is not relevant to the plot, but which serves as a visual metaphor for the condition of victimhood. Yet who is the victim in these stories – the victim or the tormentor; and who, really, is ultimately guilty?

The film has a great cast which Ronin got to work with including Andrew Tiernan (300, Merlin), Anna-Louise Plowman (Stargate SG-1), Clare-Hope Ashitey (Children of Men), Clemency Burton-Hill (The Prince & Me II), Jake Curran (Stardust), Patrick Ryecart (The Kings Speech, Hustle).

ID were also asked to cast a number of fight unit members in a number of roles requiring some dramatic action. Dan Styles, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Richard Leggett and Ronin Traynor all provided some on screen action with Jay Douglass doing some body doubling for a fight scene.

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