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1st September 2013

Off to France to fight as Musketeers

What the ID Fight Team were born for!
Sword master Ronin Traynor and the ID team have left the building and the country. Yep, we are off fighting in the south of France for the new series about the musketeers. The series follows the adventures of the musketeers tracing their routes back to before they met. ID are bringing quite a few of our team over to work on the series including fighters, swords, horse assistant, camera operator and even the camera. It's all shot on a Black Magic so the footage should look glorious.

Before the fun (yes, we like the long hours, fighting in the rain and lack of sleep) there came the main challenge of the project. Taking everything you need in the tiny bag allowance Ryan Air allows you without charging stupid prices for a suitcase. So roll on eight pairs of trousers (Eifion Melnyk-Jones), full stunt body armour (Ronin), additional pads and multiple t-shirts (Dan Styles and Dita Tantang), lots of jumpers for the night shoot (Daniel Tyler-Smith) and... sun glasses (Taylor Hohman). Yes we looked like an American football team as we boarded, except Taylor who just looked American with his top gun shades and US passport. Good job we sent the weapons on ahead!

One sweltering hour later and we were in France where we met some of the crew and cast at the airport and started the long drive to our base.

After a day's rehearsal in the glorious sunshine we are onto two night shoots in the rain. It's as if we never left Blighty. So far we have been up for 23 hours following a few hours kip after night shoot one. Yep, it's tiring but all the team are coping well and were ready to rock and roll when it was fight time. Because the production is working with horses, numerous locations (some of which are open to the public) and random weather, we need to be ready as soon as there is a chance to get the action filmed.

So what does one do when trying to kill eight or so hours of being on standby but needing to stay quiet during other filming? We make shadow pictures! Some examples included in this article.

We will bring you more on the shoot as the month goes by.

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