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3rd September 2013

Who is 'The First Musketeer'

Meet the characters of season 1
Athos (Edward Mitchell) is the central character of season one and we follow his adventurers from his arrival in Paris. Through the series he meets the other musketeers forming friendships that will become the story of the legend we know.

Athos is joined shortly after by Porthos (Charles Barrett) who is charasmatic and eccentric young man, who attempts to charm his way into the French court, by any means possible. Porthos is an expert at spinning the truth, and his stories are legendary, but only Athos sees through his gilding to the man underneath.

Finally they are joined by Aramis (Ryan Spong) to make the third of the future musketeers.

Lazare (Tony Sams), a veteran soldier from the reign of Henry IV of France. He inadvertently "adopts" the three young musketeers and helps them to find their true calling as French heroes.

Ghislain (Paul McMaster) is best friends with Lazare since they served together under Henry IV of France. He enjoys the simple things in life. Good wine, good food, and a good fight. Slightly less enthusiastic about the new young members of their group, he eventually becomes attached to the "lost boys" and helps as much to teach them the ways of a Musketeer as Lazare does.

Marion (Nicole O'Neil) is part of the entourage of Louis XIII. She knows all too well how to play the games at court. Beautiful but deadly, she is not to be trusted.

Some other characters to appear in season 1 include:
The Pilgrim - Sean Knopp
Milady de Winter - Jessica Preddy
Duke de Luynes - Toby Lord
Richelieu - Alan J Mirren
Celimene - Shinead Byrne
Éminence grise - Ronin Traynor

More on the ID Team in our next Musketeers update.

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