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26th December 2013

Onwards and upwards

Chronicles of Syntax nominated for the LA Web Awards
Congratulations to Chronicles of Syntax for being selected for the Best Web Series 2014 in the LA WebFest awards. Lots of ID fight team involved in COS (20+) so we all have our fingers crossed for you. Big shot out to all the fans for their support too over the years. Want to help fund season 2 - go here:


9 days left!

Hopefully COS will follow in the footsteps of British Web series The Syndicate from Systir Productions which won Best Web Series in the LA WebFest 2012 awards. Both series fight co-ordinated by ID's Ronin Traynor

Let's not forget our success with this year's awards with DRAKE Files winning Best Foreign Film at the international Action On Film festival in LA, fight co-ordinated by ID's Dan Styles and Rome II Total War which Ronin Traynor worked on as fight performer and choreographer which is winning awards all over the shop and follows the success of previous BAFTA's from earlier titles.

Looks like British film and game makers are holding their own.

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