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28th December 2013

What will you do in 2014?

Get Ready, Stay Ready.
As 2013 draws to a close and we prepare for our 2014 courses we take a look back at the ID Intensive. With over 35 students completing the courses with grades from pass to Distinction, under ID teachers Dan Styles, Ronin Traynor and Clair Llewellyn it was a successful start to the year. Many thanks to class assistants Ed Young, Rowan Winter and Ivan Wilkinson for their hard work.

Weapons taught included Broadsword, Knife, Rapier & Cloak , Rapier & Dagger, Small Sword, Sword & Shield and Unarmed. Students have gone on to further training, stared in action roles and one even joined the ID Fight Unit on our French adventurers for The First Musketeer.

What students said about the courses:

"Thank you for all the help & patience. I have had a great experience!"

"Excellent tutors which I can recommend very highly. Always helpful and challenging with constructive criticisms which aided my learning and praising when things went right. I really enjoyed your teaching style. Really good, do not change. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks ;)"

"I was so impressed the care and consideration and patience that I was shown gave me the confidence to try my best."

"I really enjoy these workshops. I find them fun and have a nice atmosphere because everyone seems to be like-minded and has a good time together...I think that you guys know my experience level now and know the areas that challenge me/that I need to work on. They [The teachers] were helpful, knowledgeable, fun to work with and friendly."

"Thanks for everything! Money well spent. Hope to see you guys around soon."

Our 2013 schedule included accredited courses for both the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat academies. In 2014 we are adding some film and firearms courses in Manchester and later in the year will be running week intensive film fighting courses in London."

Check the ID Training page to find out what new courses and workshops we have coming up. www.independentdrama.com/training

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