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Rock Band Vs Vampires Rock Band Vs Vampires
30th November 2013
Rock Band Vs Vampires
Who needs Buffy when you've got a rock band?
ID Fight Unit member, Dita Tantang, has landed a vampiric role as Tara Moran in the forthcoming feature film from Clockwork Heart Productions Ltd and Abbas Films and Games Ltd.

"Rock Band vs Vampires" is a comedy / horror written by Malcolm Galloway, who also stars in the film as one of the band members. It is directed by Malcolm and Raed Abbas, who is also the director of photography.

Dita will be involved in a few fight scenes as her character is a strong, combat-skilled vampire, always wanting a piece of the action... couldn't have cast it any better!

As filming continues into the new year, watch this space for more updates.

Rock Band Vs Vampires: starring Guy Barnes, Dani Thompson, Faye Sewell, Loren Peta, Jake Rundle, Vauxhall Jermaine, and Adam Dindorf.
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