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31st August 2014


Check out our reply to the viral video "THE SLAP"
After discovering the social experiment "THE SLAP", where people were paired up and asked to slap each other, we decided to spoof it up...

ID Fight Unit, assemble!

Under the instruction of ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor together with ID Fight Unit member Eifion Melynk-Jones as the director of photography and editor, we created a homage to put our screen combat skills to the test:

Independent Drama presents [url="http://bit.ly/idfirstcontact"]FIRST CONTACT[/url]

Thanks to the rest of the team, Richard Clark, Sylvie England, Daniel Tyler-Smith, Laura O'Donoughue, Taylor Chadwell, Wilfried Tah, Amiee Louise Cullen, Hetti Price, Dita Tantang, and Frugal the Dog.

Enjoy, like, share and of course, [url="http://youtube.com/independentdrama?sub_confirmation=1"]subscribe to our YouTube channel[/url]!

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