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30th November 2014

REN - The Marked One

Now that LOTR is over what to watch now?
Ren is a new original independent fantasy series from producer and director Kate Madison, the creator of the hugely successful Lord of the Rings prequel Born of Hope which has had more than 30 million online views.

Ren (Sophie Skelton) is a young woman who’s face is branded by a powerful ancient spirit, making her feared by all who see her. Banished from her home and hunted by the powerful ruling order of the Kah'Nath, Ren refuses to accept her fate and journeys across the land to discover what she is and if there are others like her. Joined on her perilous quest by a small band of outcasts, led by the mysterious Hunter (Duran Fulton-Brown), she discovers that the truths she has been taught may all have been a lie.

ID Fight Team member Dita Tantang is cast as Lyanna, a tough fighter with a daring plan whose actions will shape Ren's future. ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor is overseeing the action and is joined by a whole host of ID Fight Team members in numerous action scenes involving chases, sword fights, explosions and flaming arrows.

This was a great project to work on with a passionate cast and crew. There were also lots of familiar crew faces from other projects the ID Team have worked on including Born of Hope, Chronicles of Syntax and the First Musketeer. Needless to say there was fun to be had and the production wins the record for the most epic Nerf gun battles to date.

Principled filming is finished and the footage is looking amazing. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IByYWqUrvM&list=PLLWk7poNtWLVSAG2-kOVeJYNBcWbGc-Ir&index=2"]View the teaser trailer and subscribe here.[/url]

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