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24th March 2014

Rock Band wrapped!

From a one-liner extra to a fight scene showdown!
Jeremiah Winterford is an old-fashioned vampire making a new home in Camden. Armed with their instruments, can the band save their small number of fans from an eternity of vampirism?

When ID Fight Unit member Dita Tantang auditioned for an extra role last year, she didn't think it would turn into a fight role, let alone a chance to do battle with one of the lead actresses.

"I want to get into more acting; when I came across the casting call for Rock Band vs Vampires and saw lots of extra roles with a few lines of dialogue, I thought it'd be a great starting block for someone as inexperienced as myself."

"With every application/audition I do, I always mention I'm a fight performer. It's my passion and comfort zone, so whenever I can I sell myself as one."

Dita plays a vampire called Tara Moran, initially just another vampire on Winterford's side. However after the first (and supposedly only) day of filming, Dita had the opportunity to show off her action skills which led to director Raed Abbas asking if she was free to do more filming.

"One thing led to another and they started writing me into more fight scenes - it's brilliant! Best thing was when Raed said I'd be fighting the lead actress in an epic showdown. I called in ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor to help choreograph with French stunt man Wilfried Tah already on the production."

Rock Band vs Vampires is currently in post-production and due for release this year, featuring Guy Barnes, Jake Rundle, Faye Sewell, Loren Peta and Malcolm Galloway.

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