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The First Musketeer The First Musketeer
24th March 2013
The First Musketeer
The ID crew joining the cast for some fight fundamentals
ID Fight Co-ordinator Ronin Traynor is working on a new web series The First Musketeer

Written and directed by Harriet Sams 'The First Musketeer' is based on the characters penned by Alexandre Dumas. A brand new take on the classic adventure we all know and love, it follows three young men on the road to becoming France's most beloved heroes. And what does that mean to fight fans.... swords, lots of them.

One of the most important elements of creating an action packed adventure series is to actually have some action. Rapier and dagger are the weapons of choice for the musketeer and that's where we started our training with a little bit of unarmed thrown in for good measure. With ID Fight Unit member Dita Tantang on hand to assist the cast were put through their paces. The range of fight experienced varied considerably within the cast from complete novice to full time professional fight performers but everyone took to the sessions with enthusiasm. The weekend offered the opportunity to get everyone on the same page and with filming being condensed to a month for the whole series, speaking a common language and working effectively as a cast will be essential to get the fights performed effectively and safely.

This is the first of the training sessions and provided a good opportunity to gauge the capabilities of the cast before planning principle choreography. It was also great fun and a relief to meet a great bunch of people since we will be spending a month in each others pockets in September. Can't wait!
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