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23rd September 2015

The Costume Games

A riotous, five day festival where the entire city of Brighton invites everyone to "dress up and play."
Independent Drama were in attendance at Brighton's 2016 Costume Games. Hosted by restaurant Moshimo as part of the Japan festival, they have played host for over five years to what is now the largest outdoor Cosplay event in the UK. They also do tasty food!

This years festival was developed with Brighton & Hove City Council to celebrate the opening weekend of Rugby World Cup 2015, and saw Japan stride home to victory in their match against South Africa.

Alongside the food and sport festivities there was also a number of workshops, seminars and masterclasses being run. Attendees included Oscar winning Lindy Hemming, Graham Churchyard and the team behind Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, 'Dredd' prop costume maker Robert Allsopp and Independent Drama's very own Ronin Traynor who ran 3 masterclasses in stage and screen combat.

On top of all of that it was also Talk Like A Pirate Day and ID's Dita Tantang and Daniel Tyler-Smith performed pirate sword fights at the festival. They also posed for official photographer Dade Freeman and for some 360 degree matrix style shots with 3Dify.

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