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31st March 2014

Arctic Action Workshop

Winter is coming, prepare for action
ID Co-ordinator Dan Styles has just returned from an Arctic Action Adventure in Tromsø, Northern Norway. Nordic Stage Fight Society teacher (NSFS) and stunt co-ordinator (best know internationally for 'Dead Snow') Kristoffer Jorgenson, ran a workshop on the art of fight choreography. Attendees came from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, France, Italy, Canada, and of course the UK. It was a very talented and diverse group with backgrounds in mime, dance, martial arts, circus, stunts and historical reenactment.

Kristoffer was an excellent host as well as a great teacher teacher, organizing excursions and parties outside of the course, with some delicious traditional Northern Norwegian food. Dan and his fellow students were also able to explore the beautiful city of Tromsø, known as the Paris of the North, climbing snow covered mountains, interacting with seals, walking alongside ice covered lakes and watching the Northern Lights.

The seven day workshop covered a wide variety of systems and devices used in fight choreography from duels to battles, using patterns and acrobatics, working with text and choreographing for camera. There were many opportunities to experiment and play, with constructive feedback from students and teachers throughout.

Dan would highly recommend a visit both to work with Kristoffer and the NSFS as well as to see Tromsø itself.

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