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31st July 2015

Richard III

Leicester's Story Continues
Marking the same year of his reinterment in Leicester cathedral, after being discovered in 2012 under a car park, Shakespeare's Richard III is being produced at Leicester's Curve Theatre.

ID's Dan Styles was asked to provide the fight direction on the production with Nikolai Foster at the helm.

With the play being given in a dystopian Russian setting the various murders, ordered by Richard as he works his way to the crown, are all be performed with guns and knives, while the grande finale of the Battle of Boswoth is a full scale military assault utilising almost all of the 30+ strong cast.

"We've really tried to create an explosive and chaotic atmosphere with the Battle of Bosworth" says Dan, "literally, as we've got pyrotechnics, and some fantastic sound and lighting design to portray the grenades, mortars, gun fire, helicopters. On my first day of rehearsals I gave the cast a mini boot camp to show them military techniques and manoeuvres, gun handling and firing and hand to hand (stage)combat. With most of them being recycled 2 or 3 times there is a lot for them to do and they've all been brilliant and took to it with great enthusiasm. Even some of the female members of the cast have been able to get involved and have given some of the best performances getting shot and dying on the battlefield. It's been very complicated to create but I think it's going to look (and sound and feel) amazing."

Richard III runs at the Curve until 9th August.

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