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2nd August 2009

It's in the bag!

The ID Fight Unit worked to produce a 3D fight for Vision3 Ltd to demonstrate what could be achieved in 3D with fights on their cameras. Titled The Surge and directed by Chris Parks, the action pitted two teams against each other, fighting for possession of a bag containing a mystery item.

Fight choreographer Ronin Traynor headed up the ID Fight Unit with Dan Styles choreographing additional action. It was an interesting project as they wanted each character to have their own martial arts style as a basis to work from, with the exception of the two opposing leads, who take on and adapt the styles of those they were fighting against. Using the ID Fight Unit’s personal martial arts experience as a starting point, they developed a number of one-on-one fights, each with a different flavour.

Due to the nature of 3D filming, it is not advisable to present footage to the public which consists of short, sharp edits as it is hard to watch in 3D. As a result, there was a requirement for all the crew to fight long choreographed sequences, simultaneously, at camera speed, in one shot, without a break. However everyone’s dedication and training paid off and they finished on time with a solid fight in the bag!

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