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6th September 2009

Diamond Swords

ID Fight Unit celebrate 60 years of fencing with a fight... what else did you expect?
ID Fight Unit members Dan Styles, Gordon Kemp and Ronin Traynor were all at Warwick Castle to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the British Academy of Fencing and by coincidence the 500th anniversary of the academy's original founder, King Henry VIII's accession to the throne.

The Castle Courtyard provided an unforgettable backdrop for this public show which consisted of numerous scenes with big fights; Gordon Kemp was one of the fight choreographers on the day.

Dan Styles performed in The New Style of Swordplay scene as broadsword-wielding Bartholomew Bramble, fighting Italian rapier and dagger master Saviolo. Ronin Traynor performed a military sabre fight in The Prisoner of Zenda and provided comic relief with small sword in Dick Turpin as the cowardly gentleman.

The highlight of the day was meeting sword master Bob Anderson, who worked on classics such as The Princess Bride and Star Wars.

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