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1st May 2010

Keeping An Eye On You

Marlowe, an original play by D Edward Lillie, makes its London debut at Theatro Technis on May 7th and 8th.

ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor worked on the fights with ID Fight Unit member Marysia Kay, who has also been cast as one of the lead performers.

Filled with action and intrigue, the drama traces the final days prior to the controversial “murder” of 16th century playwright Christopher Marlowe.

Legend has it, Marlowe was stabbed in the eye. Ouch.

Literary rivals but best friends, William Shakespeare and Thomas Watson, try to persuade Marlowe to flee England before his enemies try and execute him for treason.

Was Marlowe a spy for Lord Walsingham. for Sir Walter Raleigh or merely a brilliant irritant to the rich and powerful?

An American theatre professor, Lillie, makes a powerful case that the world misunderstood both Marlowe and what fate befell him.

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