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23rd April 2010

It’s a monk's life

ID Fight Unit members Stuart Boother and Ronin Traynor along with fight performer Sylvie England travel over land and sea to live as fighting monks live...

In the coming weeks, our team will begin their quest to enhance their fighting skills and knowledge, by visiting the fighting mecca that is China. Over two gruelling months they will live alongside the famed mountain temple protection monks and learn traditional Shaolin martial arts, putting their determination and resolve through the sternest of tests.

The Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School is located at the foot of the Kunyu Mountains, a serene mountainous landscape set in an environmentally protected area of natural beauty and cultural importance. Ideally situated away from the distractions of the modern world, it is a perfect location for a serious study of kung fu.

Sylvie, who is getting ready by training twice a week in Wing Chun and learning mandarin in her spare time, says, "I'm so glad I have friends who actually wanted to jump in when they heard my crazy idea of learning martial arts out in China! I can't believe it's really happening". Stuart who also cannot wait to begin the arduous program said. "I've been training extra hard at the gym and in my kung fu to prepare myself for the trip. But I cannot wait to take a step further in becoming the ultimate warrior!" Ronin, a hardened veteran of Starbucks, is just about to give up coffee, go T-total and start the rise-at-5 routine in preparation says, “Jiù mìng”.

Our team are hoping to impart their hard-earned knowledge to the rest of us on their return and with those early starts and not a Starbucks in sight, we wish them the very best of British luck.

You can follow our teams’ adventure via their blogs and further detailed stories here at ID News.

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