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1st June 2010

Shaolin Adventurers - Part 2

The daily grind.
Each day begins for our ID Fight Unit members with a 2 kilometre jog at 5.30am, followed by Tai Chi and Qigong classes, which the gang have found very useful at loosening up stiff joints from the previous day’s trials.

Breakfast is at 7 and consists of powdered soya milk and bread, described as ‘furry furry caterpillar’ on its label. There are also hard boiled eggs, which Stuart has been enjoying in abundance (but not the yolk...).

After breakfast, students must do another 2 kilometre run and then begin their stretches. The next two lessons are usually Shaolin Kung Fu for the ID Fight Unit members. The first usually works on technique and physical training, with the following lesson concentrating on forms and applications.

Lunch is planned to avoid the midday sun, though it is hot from dawn to dusk. The lunch menu and dinner menu remain largely the same, i.e. rice. The highlight of last week being Friday’s chicken-on-a-stick as far as Sylvie is concerned, or tofu strips with veggies in Ronin’s case. If anyone reading this happens to be in the local area and has any Marmite or curry powder the guys would appreciate it!

After lunch there is time for a bit of reading or snoozing, which is then followed by yet another 2 kilometre run (oh joy!) and stretches, and afternoon lessons.

In the evening there are occasionally lessons in Mandarin or massage, or students use the downtime to recover from their trials (or beatings, if they’ve been naughty... no really). Lights out is at 9.30pm, although usually our team have collapsed into an unconscious heap already by then.

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