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9th September 2010

Life on a needle's edge

Theatre Témoin collaborates with taiko sensei Ikuyo Conant and musical artist Nao Masuda to create Jukai, a movement-drumming piece which incorporates Japanese traditional drumming with mask, physical theatre and stage combat.

At the base of Mount Fuji lies an ominous stretch of forest known locally as "The Sea of Trees". Centuries of secrets lie hidden under the mossy earth, where rivers of lava have hardened over to form the cavernous forest floor. Thousands of people who have entered these woods have never been seen again. Some simply got lost. Others went in intending to disappear...

ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor continues his experimental work, exploring how stage combat can be used to provide a visual, rhythmical score for performance incorporating a bokken versus staff fight into the show. Along with ID Fight Unit members Dita Tantang, Eugenia Low and Sylvie England the fight was developed to create rhythmic tension with the drums providing a heart beat for the action.

One of the most challenging moments within the piece was creating a section of the fight, which could also be performed in reverse by the actors providing the audience with a unique opportunity to see how things may have worked out differently had a single character choice been different.

Jukai (performed in English) is showing at London's Blue Elephant Theatre between the 28th September and 16th October (Tuesday - Saturday at 8pm).

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