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Of Mice and Men
4th September 2010
Of Mice and Men
'Tell it George, Tell how it's gonna be!'
ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles worked on a violent scene in the production when Lennie is attacked by the bully Curly as well as a couple of smaller scenes that required a great deal of attention to safety. Most of these also include a good deal of blood effects.

Of Mice and Men is the most widely known and loved of Steinbeck's works where two men forge a powerful friendship. Aimless and rootless in 1930's America, George and Lennie dream of a time when they can set up in their own place and "live off the fatta the land". Through Steinbeck's genius, George and Lennie's mutual bond of love achieves a mythological quality, raw with the pain of isolation, and the ache we all feel for a place called 'home'.

'Tell it George, tell how it's gonna be!' 'Look across the river Lennie, and I'll tell you like you can almost see it.'

This new production is directed by Cameron Jack, whose previous shows at the Broadway Studio Theatre have included A Clockwork Orange, Trainspotting, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Lord Of The Flies.
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