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You have been called... You have been called... You have been called...
11th January 2010
You have been called...
The world is due to end and the hunt is on to find those that can save it.
Primary Faction is an online mini-series based in a secret government facility, starring a team known only as the "Fallen Angel Network". They are a variety of people with many different abilities, all called in to help find a way to survive the end of the world and to maintain the essence of mankind, while bringing down those who could create mass hysteria.

Primary faction is written by the creator of "Chronicles of Syntax", Susan E. Clarke with music by Dan Bewick. The ID Fight Unit is providing fight performers for the series with ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor training the main cast and choreographing the action.

Primary Faction is a web series designed for the future!
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