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29th November 2010

Fight or Flight – what would you do?

If you witnessed someone being beaten up, would you step up or step out. That’s the topic of short film ‘The Choice’.
The ID Fight Unit recently finished filming on The Choice, a black and white film shot on standard 16mm and directed by Andreas Reksten. ID Fight Unit members Dan Styles and Daniel Tyler-Smith were on hand to provide the muscle for the bad guys with ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor orchestrating the action and putting the odd boot in so to speak. The whole shoot was finished in a day's filming, which was quite impressive and helped by a good storyboard and efficient crew.

Andreas’ inspiration for the story was the basic fear most people have of interfering in dangerous situations. Asked about how the central character Paul was created Andreas said: “If people chose to interfere in dangerous situations they risk getting hurt and in worst case they can lose their life. Paul is a normal guy that discovers a young guy being beaten up and is faced with a choice - walk away or try to save him. It was really important that the fight sequence looked real and threatening. It had to seem like a situation where most people would walk away and the guys from Independent Drama did a phenomenal job choreographing and executing the fight sequence.”

To see if Paul made the right choice you’ll have to watch the film which will be released for 2011. Join the ID mailing list for an update on the film’s release and other fight news.

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