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23rd July 2010

Macbeth No More

With more gravestones than an episode of Buffy, this film adaptation of Macbeth re-tells one of Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies.
ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor worked as stunt co-ordinator for this short film directed by Suri Krishnamma and ID Fight Unit member Tara Muir joined the cast as the vagrant woman.

In a North London cemetery an eclectic group of souls rise from their graves to perform Shakespeare's classic tragedy. Banquo is a punk, King Duncan the captain of a ship, Macduff a gardener, The Three Witches a feral child with her dolls, Lady Macbeth an Edwardian activist, and Macbeth himself a businessman. Despite being from different times they find common ground through the text of the play.

The final fight between Big Mac (Macbeth) and Fluff (Macduff) required careful planning and preparation. Actor Orion Lee who played Big Mac had to fight virtually blind, wearing a large boar's head mask, which had a very limited and inconsistent field of vision. Not only was it very difficult to see what was in front of him it was impossible to see the ground around him, which had the added hazards of sunken gravestones, vines and uneven earth. Ronin worked with Orion and Barry Fitzgerald who played Fluff to mark out every footstep that needed to be taken for the fight. Barry also had the responsibility for manoeuvring Orion around the space during the fight, acting as his eyes. Overall the actors did an excellent job of delivering their lines and trying to kill each other whilst avoiding all the unseen hazards around them.

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