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28th February 2011

BAFTA Game Award nomination. Again!

Following 2010's BAFTA award for best strategy game, Total War is back with Napoleon in 2011.
In 2010, Empire: Total War won a BAFTA for best strategy game, which ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor worked on as choreographer and motion capture performer in partnership with Chris Wolff. This year, the boys are back as BAFTA has nominated Napoleon: Total War for best strategy Game 2011.

Napoleon: Total War covers two decades of relentless battles from Napoleon's early Italian campaign to the Battle of Waterloo.

Players can take on the role of Napoleon and unite Europe under one banner or fight against him hoping to give him a bloody nose. Either way, the story unfolds against a backdrop of cinematic battle sequences.

Ronin Traynor recreated battles using a variety of weapons including pistols, muskets and sabres, with the the action taking place on land, on horse and on sea.

The GAME British Academy Video Games Awards will take place on Wednesday 16 March. Fingers and blades crossed.

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