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The Art of War The Art of War The Art of War The Art of War The Art of War The Art of War The Art of War
23rd March 2011
The Art of War
Shogun 2 has arrived! Samurai, ninja, stunning graphics, inspiring score and epic battles worked on by ID's Ronin Traynor.
Shogun 2 is the latest computer game in SEGA's BAFTA-winning series Total War. It is the middle of the 16th century in medieval Japan, the Golden age of Samurai warfare. The land is divided with the country split into warring clans. Shogun 2 provides players with a clear game objective: re-unite Japan under one all powerful Shogun or die trying.

ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor was involved in choreographing and performing the motion capture fights for Shogun 2. Having previously worked on the European-focused Empire and Napoleon Total War titles, this game provided the opportunity to work on quite different fighting techniques. Portraying characters such as samurai, ninja and fighting monks, involved working with a range of Eastern weapons including katana (sword), naginata (pole weapon with curved blade), yari (spear), war clubs as well as unarmed techniques.

With stunning graphics and artwork, an inspiring score, improved AI and kick-ass action, this game is grand in scope and a worthy addition to the Total War family.
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