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25th May 2011

Forever Young

Taking on Shakespeare is child's play for ID Fight Unit members.
ID Fight Unit members Eugenia Low and Luisa Guerreiro both got the opportunity to use their stage combat skills in River Productions' staging of The Tragedy of Macbeth, with Luisa taking the responsibility of fight captain in the production. In addition to sword-wielding, they both got to embrace their inner child even more than usual in this production. Eugenia tackled with enthusiasm the opportunity to work with a glove puppet whilst Luisa was cast as a childlike witch.

Macbeth's infamous trio of witches were presented as children leading to all sorts of mayhem throughout the show. With no appreciation of consequence to their actions, boundless energy excitement, a need for praise and acceptance, and a very clear appreciation of the grotesque and cruelty, the poor mortals in Shakespeare's play were in for trouble!

As Witch number 1, Luisa drew upon childhood experiences and observed wildlife and children at play to develop her character. "I experimented with physical theatre techniques and tried to implement the psyche of a child into the way I held myself and moved throughout the stage, interacted with people, and observed the world. Acting Witch 1 has been a delightful regression back to a childlike, uninhibited state, full of an exuberant sense of play. Fighting in the combat scenes as a child was something I really had to think about, as my advanced combatant muscle memory had to be adapted to that of a child with very little technical experience but who wholeheartedly commits to the action. Representing this in a safe way was really interesting and fun challenge for me. All in all, a great role that allows me to play!"

Luisa's hard work paid off with her performance cited as "superb" in Remote Goat's review of the production.

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