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Summer Shakespeare
31st May 2011
Summer Shakespeare
"Romeo & Juliet" and "Twelfth Night"
ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles has been creating fights for of "Romeo & Juliet" and "Twelfth Night", directed by Neil Sheppeck. Dan worked for the company last year on "As You Like It" and "Merry Wives of Windsor" and his work was mentioned in a review: "The wrestling scene (between the wrestler Charles and Orlando) produced the best choreographed wrestling I have seen in a play".

This time was an even bigger challenge as he faced 6 fights (including 1 group fight), at least 2 of which being very iconic, across the 2 plays. Fortunately Dan was given a clear brief and sufficient rehearsal time.

With so many fights it was important that each one had its own personality and style which was different from the last. Working with the actors to explore their characters personalities, motives and emotions before, during and after the fight was key in achieving this. The final result is a mix of rhythms and tempos with exciting flourishes contrasted by suspenseful moments of stillness. The two plays are now touring open air venues throughout the UK.
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