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26th July 2011


ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles travels to the South of France to work on feature film "Fossil"
ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles recently travelled to the South of France to work on feature film "Fossil", directed by Alex Walker.

A couple arrive at a small cottage in the south of France to spend a week together. They settle into a simple routine at the cottage as the husband, Paul, a history tutor, tries to write his novel and Camilla relaxes by the pool. It is clear from the outset there are problems with their relationship. After an excursion into the country the couple find something unexpected waiting for them at the cottage... Richard, an older American, and Julie, his young French girlfriend are swimming in their pool.

Unfortunately the southern French weather did not live up to its reputation, but the rain held back for the pivotal fight scene, where two characters have a ‘scuffle’ by the side of the pool one night. The footage looks stunning; the two actors were excellent and did a really great job with the fight.

Dan even took the opportunity to look around the local area, taking in three castles, two medieval towns and a museum of warfare which boasted full size replicas of a trebuchet, mangonel, pedrero and bombard.

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