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1st June 2011

Tooting Broadway

24 hours can change a neighbourhood
ID Fight Choreographer Dan Styles assisted by ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor co-ordinated all the fights and action on British feature film ‘Tooting Broadway, Directed by Devanand Shanmugam and produced by Joshua Clement of Indian Summer films.

The film is set in 2009, one day before the Tamil Protests outside The Houses of Parliament. The location Tooting Broadway is inherently urban and home to a large community of Tamils, Jamaicans and Africans. This sets the scene for the fast paced drama, which highlights a rarely seen gang culture.

The story focuses on Arun who has forged a life away from his past criminal ties. He returns to stop his younger brother committing a crime that could ruin his life and seriously harm someone. Arun has 24 hours to stop him or the consequences will be dire.

The climax builds as Arun is convinced by an old friend to join his Wolfpack gang in avenging the death of a young girl. However, a twist in the storyline sees the Wolfpack fighting for their lives.

There were multiple fights and scenes of violence including some BMX stunts skilfully performed by stunt man Tony Christian.

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