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From fan to fighter From fan to fighter
5th September 2011
From fan to fighter
On set with Chronicles of Syntax
ID Fight Unit member Dita Tantang reflects on being cast as Shia and filming fights for sci-fi series Chronicles of Syntax, written by Susan E Clarke.

The set was a wasteland, literally, barren land with spots of empty beer cans and crisp packets. The weather was baking hot (I have a noticeable tan line from where my t-shirt sleeves ended... as well as a humorous pattern on my thighs from wearing fishnet tights).

I had to fight a boxer-type character. He was built like one too, so tall and muscley - he kept yelling "just hit me, it's fine, you're small, just hit me, harder, I can't feel it, harder" *lol* then he takes me to the ground!

Other ID Fight Unit members in the production include: Anna Scott-Stephenson (Trystanne), Daniel Tyler-Smith (Brammers), Kaitlin Howard-Krupinski (Fenway), Richard Roberts (Chell), Ronin Traynor (Hemlock & fight choreographer for the series), Stuart Boother (Killer) and Tara Muir (Falkon).

You can view behind the scenes footage, the Tycan trailer and listen to part one of the Primary Faction radio episode on the ID Projects page. Further information and the full radio series can be viewed via
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