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31st December 2011

Don’t look back in anger

2011 sets the bar for a fighting fit 2012
2011 was a great year for Independent Drama. We kicked off, literally, filming the short film School Run and action sequences for sci-fi feature Magnesium. Throughout the year our members worked on over 50 productions spanning theatre, TV, film and motion capture. Notable projects included Blue Peter, Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides and Shogun 2 Total War.

Shows we choreographed violence for continue to receive positive reviews, including Icarus Theatre Collective’s production of Macbeth, wowing lots of critics with fight after fight of bloody action. Of course we couldn’t achieve such success without the professionalism and hard work of the cast in the productions who have put in stellar performances and great effort.

ID Fight Unit members and choreographers have continued to broaden their fight training with more certification through stage combat academies including the Academy of Performance Combat (APC), British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC) and The British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC).

We have also been studying with some of the world’s most successful stunt men and co-ordinators including Claudio Pacifico (James Bond, Mission Impossible III), Dave Lea (Batman Returns, Daredevil) and Andreas Petrides (Gladiator, Bourne Identity).

ID continues to run our own courses for actors including our warriors unleashed musketeers workshop which tied in with our work on Blue Peter. Next year’s courses are available on our courses and workshops page and include a month of accredited courses throughout January in the ID Intensive. Certifications available with the BADC and BASSC.

2012 offers new adventures for ID and you can see some of our members work in projects such as Clash of the Titans 2, Henry V, Jack the Giant Killer, Kill Zone, Snow White and the Huntsman and Tooting Broadway.

From everyone at ID we wish you all the best for a wonderful and fun-packed 2012. May your fights be safe and your neighbours understanding.

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