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9th January 2012

Friday the 13th - murder and mayhem as usual.

'The Syndicate', a web series about serial killers goes live - watch it.
Whilst your wrestling with your own new year resolutions, spare a though for poor Rhys who has decided to set himself the challenge of becoming a successful serial killer. Not the sort of hobby you can pick up an 'Idiots Guide To' in the local bookshop...! But then he meets fellow serial killer Nathan who takes Rhys under his wing and shows him the ropes... or in his case, knives...

But Nathan is part of a family of serial killers and Rhys is an outsider... Will the family accept Rhys? And how will his arrival affect the syndicate.

Written and produced by sister filmmaking team Victoria and Amy Howell of Systir productions, with fight direction by ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor, The Syndicate is a darkly comic, compelling story, with more than a few twists in its tale. The series goes live Friday 13th January, at midday and will play over six weeks.

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