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3rd February 2012

The Fields

Police budgets aren't the only thing cut as the knives are drawn.
ID Fight Choreographer Ronin Traynor arranged the fights for The Fields a series focussed on one of the three police teams which operate in Hackney.

The story follows a three man team from taskforce, both in their private and professional lives. As frontline policemen they have to cope with the violence and stress of the job whilst striving to maintain a harmonious and functional domestic life.

At a time when cuts are being made across the whole public sector, it is felt just as much in the Police force. The series looks at how does a borough’s need for reducing crime figures correlate with a huge budget cut in the police, which is felt instantly by those on the ground?

Hackney’s Taskforce teams respond only to gang warfare, robberies in progress and firearms incidents. They research, and carry out surveillance on all known gangs across Hackney and Haringey.

Most of the action is shot in the plainclothes cars, the armed response units and the helicopter’s POV with a handheld camera for that gritty visceral feel, which gives the viewer the sense that they are on the streets with the policemen.

A simple stabbing sets off a chain of events amongst the gangs as well as the Police as both try to come to terms with its ramifications.

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