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Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas Nunjas
12th February 2012
Part Nun part Ninja - who makes this stuff up?
ID Fight Unit member Tara Muir plays Sister Madeleine in action spoof Nunjas, directed by Stephane Tin. One of three nuns trained in the martial arts Sister Madeline is sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a religious sect. Run by Hollywood actor Dominic Grus, the Scienchrologie sect poses a far graver threat than the local thugs the Nunjas usually spend their time fighting.

With fights devised, rehearsed and shot in one day by ID Fight Choreographers Dan Styles and Ronin Traynor, all hell breaks loose when the sisters are discovered. Actor combatant Sharonina Star, free runner Laura Jasinskaite and Brian Appiah Obeng joined the ID Fight Unit for the shoot to fight as villains hoping to stop the sisters in their tracks. Unfortunately for them beating people up is one habit Sister Madeline can't break.
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