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Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down
18th February 2012
Black Hawk Down
National Geographic Investigate
ID Fight Unit member Dan Styles, recently had the exciting opportunity to perform in a drama reconstruction of the military disaster in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993 (Famously portrayed in the film Black Hawk Down).

The program is part of a series of documentaries called Seconds From Disaster commissioned by the National Geographic Channel. Each episode investigates manmade and natural disasters, aiming to explain a single incident by analysing the causes and circumstances that ultimately affected the disaster with re-enactments, interviews and CGI.

Dan plays a variety of soldiers from the different teams involved in the attack where US special forces attempted a prisoner grab mission that was supposed to be completed in 30 minutes, yet due to multiple accidents and heavy enemy resistance many soldiers were left stranded in the city overnight. 18 men were killed, 73 wounded and 1 taken hostage.
Most notably Dan plays Randy Shughart, a Delta Force sniper who was killed in action after requesting to be inserted to secure the second Black Hawk crash site. He and his team member Gary Gordon (who was also killed) were awarded the Medal of Honour, the highest US military decoration. They were the first to receive the medal since Vietnam.

Dan fulfilled every boys dream, jumping out of a helicopter, running around rooftops, streets and corridors shooting blank firing M16 and M40 rifles and riding on top of a Humvee with a 50cal gun through explosions and gun fire.

The episode will air later this year. A date will be announced as soon as we know it.
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