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Mud, glorious mud Mud, glorious mud Mud, glorious mud Mud, glorious mud Mud, glorious mud Mud, glorious mud
28th February 2010
Mud, glorious mud
The ID Fight Unit get down and literally dirty filming sequences for Tycan Tournament.
Tycan Tournament is the in-series game for sci-fi series Primary Faction and the ID Fight Unit has just finished filming some initial action sequences for the game.

Tycan is played between rival gangs to train members, settle disputes and gain respect and has developed into an underground league. There are game rules but in simple terms, the objective is to score a goal with a tin can before your opponents do... and stay alive. This is not such an easy task when they are armed with martial art training weapons.

The British weather, with its fondness for rain and yet more rain, produced the ideal setting of mud and muck for the ID Fight Performers to create some amazing tin can carnage. With over 20 experienced fight performers representing players from three of the Tycan league teams on set, the ID Fight Unit was able to choreograph and shoot at quite a pace, capturing over 100 shots in 5 hours.

The ID Fight Unit is now busy planning its next Tycan shoot - all we need is some hail stones.
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